About Us


Who We Are

Hot Charlie’s is a hot sauce that Charlie Backer, our founder, has been making for years. In early 2017, after some urging from friends, Charlie started taking the steps to take his sauce from the kitchen to the store.

After a few months of research and development, working with bottlers, and the FDA, Hot Charlie’s went live with it’s Original Sauce in August 2017. In October Hot Charlie’s launched the Ghost Pepper sauce, which still has the same delicious flavor of regular Hot Charlie’s, but with an extra kick of heat.

Hot Charlie’s is made with real garlic, is gluten free and bow tie friendly. Many people say it’s the “Best heat in town”. Want to try for yourself? You can buy it right here on the website, find us at local St. Louis retailers or buy it on Amazon!


Our Team!


Chief Heat Officer & Founder

Charlie is the life behind Hot Charlie’s. He’s passionate about heat, and bringing the best flavor possible. If Charlie had his way he would watch people try Hot Charlie’s for the first time, every time.  Charlie is as genuine as our garlic is real, and is committed to bringing his enthusiasm and passion to every bottle of Hot Charlie’s.



Chief Creative Officer

Kelly is the “heart” behind everything Hot Charlie’s. She helps with designing, and adding that special touch to everything we do. Sometimes things can get lost in translation, and Kelly helps make Charlie’s visions a reality. If you’re wondering who holds the title of Miss Hot Charlie, that’d be Kelly!


Chief Grill Officer

As Chief Grill Officer, Joe is the one that brings Hot Charlie’s HEAT to the meat. Joe’s always had a love for spicy things, and was known to chug a bottle of Hot Sauce at an early age. If you’re at an event and see someone behind the grill, figure it’s “Uncle Joe” bringing the Hot Charlie’s flavor to the masses. He’s the reason we’re known for the Best Grilled Wings this side of the Mississippi.