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Our Story

It all started in his kitchen in Oakville, Missouri several years ago. Charlie was craving something that had both heat and flavor, so he went to his local grocery store and picked up some things he thought might taste good. Granted, Charlie still struggled at this point to make boxed Mac and Cheese. But, somehow it clicked. People loved it! Thus Hot Charlie’s was born. 

After finding a bottler and releasing the original sauce in August 2017, Charlie released the Ghost Pepper sauce the next month. Hot Charlie’s sauces are unique in that they use real garlic, and they focus on the flavor of the peppers, not the heat. Both the Original and the Ghost Pepper are thicker sauces, and you can really taste the ingredients. 

In April 2018 Charlie introduced the Hot Sauce Dust to the world. The Dust is a dry version based off of our original sauce, and is a great addition to grilling, or seasoning up any meal. In May 2019 Charlie released a Hot White Cheddar Popcorn with Palo Foods using our Hot Sauce Dust.  


In 2017, Liz Harper Kraatz won Best Chili at the World Food Championship with our Original Sauce
In 2018, County Brown BBQ used Hot Charlie’s sauce in their 1st Place Pulled Pork Dish
In 2018, Sugarfire Smokehouse won Best Seafood at Memphis in May and used our original sauce.
In 2019, Chloe Lauren, AKA the Pin-up Chef, used our sauce in her 1st Place Mac n Cheese

Hot Charlie’s products and popcorn are now available in retailers across Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, with a loyal following around the world.